Terms and Conditions

North West Global Logistics Terms and Conditions

North West Global Logistics Customer Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”)

These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by North West Global Logistics.


When You use the services of North West Global Logistics You are agreeing, on behalf of yourself and the entity you represent (Hereinafter collective “You or “Your”) . These Terms and Conditions listed below shall apply from the time the Carrier accepts the Shipment.

“Shipment” means all documents, packages, or parcel Shipments that travel under one waybill with a Carrier partner of North West Global Logistics. The invoice for that Shipment comes from North West Global Logistics. Every Shipment is authorized to be transported on a limited liability basis as provided herein. 

“Carrier” means a transportation company that picks up, transports and delivers Shipments. 

“North West Global Logistics” means North West Global Logistics Corporation., any affiliate of North West Global Logistics.

“You” means you or your company as shipper, and You as an authorized representative of your company. 

1. North West Global Logistics Account

When You use the services of North West Global Logistics. You agree that You are an authorized representative of your company and that You are opening an account with North West Global Logistics for your company. By ordering services from North West Global Logistics, You, and your company, understand that You will not receive transportation services directly from North West Global Logistics but that You will receive discounted billing from North West Global Logistics for shipping services provided by a Carrier.

You agree that the information provided in the North West Global Logistics account application is for obtaining credit and is warranted to be true. You authorize North West Global Logistics to charge the credit card on the application upon invoice due date.

North West Global Logistics may reject or cancel Your account at any time without prior notice to You for any reason or no reason.

2. Subject to the Terms and Conditions of Carriers

You agree that all Shipments are subject to the terms and conditions of the Carriers, as well as these Terms and Conditions prior to tendering any Shipments to Carriers. You warrant to North West Global Logistics and to the Carrier that all information provided by You is true, complete and accurate, that the Shipment was prepared in secure premises by your company. You understand transporting any dangerous goods and illegal commodity will result in account closure and penalty might apply by DHL/US law enforcement agencies. Any fraudulent use of the account will be reported to Carriers’ fraud department/US law enforcement agencies.

3. Account Rates and Billing Dispute

You understand the rates provided by to North West Global Logistics are for You only. You agree not to resell the services of North West Global Logistics to other companies or individuals. These rates may also change if the actual shipment differ from those reported by You such as weight, dimension, commodity and other conditions not accurately described at the time the Shipment is processed. 

In the event of a weight dispute/services failure, you must submit all supporting evidence to your sales representative within 3 days of receiving your invoice. North West Global Logistic will submit all evidence to Carriers for review. You will be charged for the full amount and issue a refund once the dispute is granted by Carriers. Any charge back on the credit card payment filed without undergoing the proper disputing process would result in $35 dollars processing fee in your account.

4. Inspection

You acknowledge that Carriers have the right to open and inspect a Shipment without notice for safety, security, customs or other regulatory reasons at any point, from receiving the package upon delivery. Misleading information provided by You on commercial invoice regarding shipment, including v quantity, value, commodity, will result fail inspection prior exporting out of USA. Any packages failed inspection are subject to be transferred to US Customs for further investigation if deemed necessary. 

5. Loss or Damage Claims

You agree that North West Global Logistic acts solely as a Third Party “bill to” and bears no express or implied liability for Shipments. Any damaged claim, including claim form, photos, purchase invoice of the goods, a copy of the shipping label and invoice, must be submitted within 10 days upon receiving the shipments. North West Global Logistic will submit the claims to Carriers for review. North West Global Logistics is not subject to nor conditional upon a Carrier’s settlement or refusal to pay a claim. Carriers should reject any claim if exporting invoice information does not match the actual purchasing/selling price. 

6. Insurance 

Insurance is available from Carriers to ensure the value of the goods shipped. You If you choose not to insure the Shipment you agree to accept the Carrier’s standard liability. You understand any insurance claims would be rejected if the exporting commercial invoice value is not truthfully reported to avoid fling of SED with US IRS or duty and taxes by the receiver’s country. 

7. Customs Processing

The Carrier will process Your Shipment for customs clearance in the country of its destination. Customs clearance procedures may vary widely in different countries. Any shipments that are not able to be clear through Customs might be rejected by the destination country. You assumed the responsibility of ensuring to communicate with the destination receiver the commodity could be imported. You understand you would be billed for the shipment under above circumstance. 

8. Payment

You authorize North West Global Logistic to automatically charge your credit card when the invoice is due. You agree that in the event Your account is not paid per the terms above or as described on the invoice Your discounts may be reduced and $75.00 late fee might apply. On all delinquent amounts over 30 days late, Your account would be suspended until Your account is brought current and that all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney/collection agency fees if incurred, will also be Your responsibility. 

9. Indemnity

You hereby release, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless North West Global Logistic Corporation and its subsidiary corporations and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents from all claims, demands, causes of actions, liabilities, damages, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out of Your use or viewing of NWGlogistics.com and its Content.

10. Export

You assume all responsibility for compliance with all laws and regulations of the United States and any other country from which You may access USALogistics.net regarding access, use, export, re-export, and import of any Content appearing on or available through USALogistics.net. You acknowledge and agree that you will not export or import any Content to any country to which export or import is restricted under United States law, that You are not a national of any such country, and that the Content will not be used in the design, development, or production of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons.

11. Controlling Law and Severability

This Agreement and Your use of NWGlogistics.com is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of Washington, excluding its conflict of laws provisions. If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this Agreement, or a portion thereof, to be unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible. Any cause of action with respect to NWGlogistics.com or this Agreement must be instituted within one year after the claim or cause of action has risen or be barred and must be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction within Snohomish County, Washington. This Agreement may not be changed or modified without the written consent of North West Global Logistic.